Pick The Purrr-fect Cat Beds

When it’s time for a cat nap, your cat will love a cozy bed of her own.

Cat beds come in many varieties from heated beds to simple throws. Here’s some tips on how to pick one that’s best for you and your cat.

When picking out a bed, cat owners need to consider size, softness, placement and cleaning. If you have more than one cat you may want to consider multiple cat beds or a larger bed if they like to cuddle up together.

Snuggle ball beds mold perfectly to any cats shape. If you cat isn’t really a snuggler, a purr pad might be the way to go – it’s electrostatically charged to attract dander, hair and dust like a magnet so your furniture doesn’t! Make sure the cat beds or pads you purchase are stain resistant and washable, or have a removable covering that you can throw in the washer.

When selecting a bed, make sure the size is appropriate. Most cuddler style cat beds are 15″ which should fit an average adult cat.

Consider the area you want to place the cat bed – is it somewhere your cat will be happy? If you have a large area, you may want to consider a cat tree with napping tunnel or cubby, – some even come with hanging toys for when your cat feels like a little play time. If your cats needs are minimal, perhaps you only need a Purr Pad which you can just toss on the floor or a chair and it will hold your cats heat and attract hair and dander. Whatever cat bed you decide on make sure they will fit in the assigned area without being in the way of traffic, doors and other pets.

Is your cat a sun snoozer or cave cuddler?

Some cat’s like to lounge in the sun so a cat window perch or window cradle may be perfect. While others like to feel like they are in a cave and a igloo bed or kitty cradle may be just the thing. Still others might prefer cat beds that they can curl in like the kitty cup. Some may like their beds to be soft and fluffy but others might prefer a simple pad that lays on the floor – some are even equipped with a special opening to put in some cat nip!

If your cat loves heat, you may want to hook him up with a thermal cat cushion that reflects the cats body heat back at him, or splurge on a heated bed! Just please, make sure the electrical wiring is safe and can be placed out of the way. For a non electric version try a snuggle safe heat pad – it heats up in the microwave and provides 12 hours of warmth with no worries about electric cords or overheating.

If your cat is an aristocrat, she won’t settle for any ordinary bed. You’ll want to shop at Cats Play where you can buy custom and designer items such as a toile bed with fur decoration, or a luxury pet bed house. You can even have a bed personalized with your pets name. If you want versatility, check out their 3 in 1 pet bed and activity center that can be made into 3 configurations. For therapeutic reasons you might want to purchase their zero gravity bed which suspends animals off hard cold surfaces and alleviates pressure points.