How Do You Pick The Perfect Cat Foods?

Depending on a cat’s age and activity level, they will require different types of foods.

A kitten needs 3-4 times the fat, protein, vitamins and minerals for proper growth, and should eat special kitten food. Adults may require different foods depending on activity level and health needs. Seniors have special nutritional needs too due to their age and level of activity. Luckily, All foods do state which stage of a cats life they are intended for so it is easy to determine which is the right one just by looking at the package.

Adult cats have different activity levels and should eat cat foods designed for those needs. Housebound or sedentary cats can be fed a light food, while cats with hairball problems or urinary tract problems can be fed foods that cater to those conditions.

Please check with your vet to determine if your cat can benefit from one of these types of foods.

Senior cats are less active and do not need as many calories so light foods may be good for your senior. Starting around 7 years of age, you may want to switch your cat from an adult food to a specially formulated senior food. Makes sure you switch gradually, mixing in the foods in graduating amounts over a 2 week time span so that your cat’s digestive system can adjust.

There’s even special cat foods for overweight cats! If your cat is overweight, try a light food, it has less calories and fat than a reduced calorie food. If your cat is merely slowing down and needs to cut calories but doesn’t have a big weight problem, reduced calorie cat may be the way to go.

Dry or canned?

Your cat will probably like canned food better but dry cat foods may be better for him. Dry food is better for teeth and gums and much less messy especially if you tend to leave food out all day. Also canned food has more water in it, thus you are paying more for less actual food. Semi-moist foods are convenient but tend to have more additives and preservatives.