Training Your Cat Not To Spray

One problem with male cats is that they are known to spray. This can create a problem in the house and cause friction between you and your cat. Luckily there are some things you can do to stop this behavior.

Male cats are known to spray when they are in heat looking for Sue, the female cat to come around. Marking his territory to let the other cats that may be in the area, this is his territory and no one is not welcome.

Sue the female on the other hand is leaving puddles allowing the family to step in, sit in, and yes even on the fresh clean linen that are being urinated on. This is a sign that she is in heat.

An important thing that you may want to consider is having them neutered. The percentage is around 90% that after they are neutered that the spraying will stop. This will result in the household coming back to normal routine. You will be able to sleeping again at night, taking earplugs out or even being able to communicate with your cat again.

If you are choosing not to have the neutered done at this time, there are other ways that you can help your cat through this period.

First, they will want to have all the activities at night. Try playing with him during the daytime to keep him away in hoping at night he will sleep, with out having the run of the house while you are sleeping.

Make a room just for him. Since they will continue to spray at times, you will want to have the flooring in the room easy to clean up. Make sure the litter box is in the room, make sure the litter box is clean with litter and free of any droppings that they might of left. Make a soft comfortable bed for him or her, pillows, blankets, prefer with some item that is his, and washable. If the room is a guest room, you may want to cover the bed and any chairs with plastic in case he gets the idea about spraying that. There are scat mats out that can help you with some other furniture in the room to keep him off. Make sure the room has a window and that he is allowed to perch near it to look out.

Make sure he has some water in the room, and proper healthy food. Do not over do it, as he will want to go out for potty in the middle of the night, and if he is trained to go outside to go potty, you will be up.

Another thing you can do is get a pet carrier. Put him in that during the times that you are not at home or at night when activates are to start. One draw back with this is he will start to holler with meows and this could keep you up. But putting him in the kennel in a room with the door closed far enough away from the family sleeping can take of the problem in a couple of days.

When they do spray or leave puddles for you to clean up there are different types of chemical products on the market that will help take care of these smells and damage that maybe cause to furniture, carpeting, or linens. Look around for products that will help you take care of the problem.

Spraying is a natural behavior, take precautions when spraying is evident, don’t let Toby or Sue the cat spray you out of the house.