The White Golden Retriever – Does It Really Exist?

Goldens come in various shades of golden color from light cream to very dark ones. And of course there’re plenty of dog lovers who want to own a white dog. But is there a difference between white Golden Retriever and a regular one? Does purebred white Golden Retriever even actually exist?

Well, frankly answering the second question one should admit that – no, there is no such thing as pure white Golden Retriever. The color of the coat can be very pale and creamy, but it’s never actually white if it is a purebred. For this reason never believe if someone is trying to charge you extra money promoting white Golden as a unique and exclusive breed. It’s still the same breed, just with some peculiarities. However, if owning a purebred is not your top priority, you can find a pure white dog as the result of breeding White Golden Retriever and other breed.

Remember, that while choosing the white golden puppy to adopt same rules as with American Goldens apply: look for the respectable breeder with OFA certified breeding pair and don’t make hasty decisions, better think twice.

There’s a vide variety of names used in America for white Goldens including English Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, Blond Golden Retrievers, European Golden Retrievers, British Cream Golden Retrievers, Platinum Blond Goldens, White Goldens, or Light Golden Retrievers. According to the American Kennel Club Standards there are some differences between British Golden Retrievers and those that were bred in America. Naturally, the most obvious difference is in the color of the coat.

Wile with the American Goldens both extremely pale or an extremely dark color is undesirable, the European standard calls for any shade of gold or cream but neither red nor mahogany. Of course, differences in appearance are not limited to color. English Goldens were expected to be able to run through underbrush and make their way across lakes and rivers and withstand cold climates. As the result, Goldens’ coats should be neither too long or too short and rather dense. In comparison to their European cousins American Goldens often have too much coat and longer fur.

White Goldens are normally more block shaped (especially muzzle) and stockier in body. European Kennel Club is also more strict on eyes color, while the American Kennel Club allows for lighter amber-colored eyes. Europeans would also want their Goldens to have ears at the same level as eyes, while the American Kennel Club would expect ears to be well behind and above the level of dog’s eyes.

Finally, the American Kennel Club will register your White Golden Retriever if you own a purebred but unfortunately you will not be able to show your Golden. Yes, your White Goldens won’t win you any medals or ribbons but they still have the same great character that all the Goldens obtain. Calm, always happy, eager to please and people loving, they make up a great family pet bringing the lucky owner many joyful moments.