Buying A Small Dog Training Collar

When you own a small dog, it is just as important to train them well as when you own a large dog.

Many small dog owner think since their dog is not harmful to anyone, they don’t need to be trained. However, since your dog is so small it is to their safety advantage to be trained. When you start training your small dog, you will need to purchase a small dog training collar. It may take your dog a little time to get use to the collar. In fact, he or she might claw at the collar for the first few days. Just be consistent and don’t take it off of him or her, unless it seems to be irritating their skin or choking them. In addition, if you think they could be at risk for harm with the collar when you leave him or her, remove it before you go.

Choosing Proper Size & Fit

It is very important you choose the right size and fit for your small dog. If your dog is tiny, you might even need to look at cat collars because they are much smaller than even an extra-small sized dog collar. When you think about size and fit, you should remember that although the collar should not slip over the dog’s head, it should also allow you to slip two fingers under it comfortably when it is secured on your dog’s neck. Having a collar that is too tight is just as dangerous as having a collar that is too loose.

Types To Consider

There are many different types of training collars. You can get a simple vinyl collar to begin with, especially since you have a small dog. A choke collar or metal chain collar would be too overwhelming for a small breed dog. You can consider a harness and collar combination with smaller dogs. Since their necks are more fragile, the collar won’t actually be pulling on their neck as you guide them and this will be more comfortable for them. A small dog training collar should not cost a lot. So, pick one up at your local pet store or your nearest general merchandise store.