Persian Cat Care

Persian cat care can require a bit more work than other cats, but for lovers of this beautiful exotic breed it is well worth the effort. Persians have long flowing hair, small noses and large eyes, each of these beautiful features requiring a bit of special care.

Basic Persian cat care consists of the same care you would give any cat. A loving home with plenty of toys for exercise and to relieve boredom, a soft place to sleep and high quality nutritious food are certainly key as well as scheduled trips to the vet for checkups and routine care. Of course, you will want to keep your Persian up to date with all vaccines and provide control from flea and tick infestation.

Specific Persian cat care centers around the long flowing coat. Your Persian should be kept indoors to protect his coat and his general health. He should be brushed daily with a metal comb or shedding blade to remove dead hair. This will cut down on hair around the house from shedding and help to eliminate tangles plus keep his coat silky and shiny. Periodic baths are recommended as is nail clipping.

Your Persian cat care routine should also include special care for the excess tearing that comes with the larger eyes and flatter face. Daily face washes are recommended. Gently wipe away any gunk around his eyes – this is very important as it can become crusted over if you ignore it.

Although a little bit of extra work, these glamourous creatures are so sweet and gentle that you won’t mind one bit! With your good care, your Persian cat can live to be a much loved family member for 15-20 years and even longer!