Litter Training Cats

Litter training cats is an easy job and most kittens come already trained to use a litter box. Cats are naturally clean and you should have little problems teaching yours to use the litter box. Using a litter box encourages good behavior and they will continue to use this litter box unless it gets dirty. Here are a few tips on getting your cat to use the litter box all of the time.

Pick out a litter box that would be right for you and your cat. There are various types of litter box’s, there are big ones and small ones there is also a automatic cleaning box that has a rake that rakes the dirty litter in a storage bag. Some people use the disposable litter box’s that come with the litter already inside so you don’t have to mess with the litter.

Finding the right cat litter is something you can do easily. There are a lot of different types of cat litter; there are scented litter and non scented litter. There is also litter that will clump up after your cat does his/her deed making it easier to scoop up. You should change your cats litter box at least every other day to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Finding the right cat litter your cat likes can take a while. Your cat may not like a change in the type of litter you have in their box and this will cause them to go in unwanted places as well.

Picking out the right type of cat food can make a difference in training your cats. Remember cat food is for cats not dogs and dog food is for dogs not kitties. There are many types of cat food there is dry food, soft food and canned food. Try not to give your cats milk we all know they like it but it also leaves a big mess in the litter box. You want to use a variety of foods you can also use some of these foods as a treat to reward your cats for doing something good like using the litter box. You can control your cats input and output for successful litter training. If you play with your cat 15 minutes before it eats and then let the cat eat. You will be able to judge when your cat will be ready to go into the litter box. Not letting the cat leave the litter box area when you know their bladder is full, will help the cat realize what it is that you are trying to teach them to do. Finding the right cat litter your cat likes can take a while. Your cat may not like a change in the type of litter you have in their box and this will cause them to go in unwanted places as well.

How to toilet train your cats.

First make sure the litter box is in a safe and clean area and away from lots of traffic but be sure your cats have access to it. Make sure cats also know where the litter box is often showing him/her. If you have more than one cat make sure you have more than one litter box cats don’t like to share the same. Also make sure the litter box is cleaned once a day. There is a scoop you can use to scoop out the soiled litter. You should put in about 1 inch of litter in the box is plenty. Never yell or hit your cats if he/she has an accident just simply tell her no and place her in the litter box.

Do not place the litter box near his/her food. Cats do not like to eat in the same place they have urinated. Never clean the litter box if you are pregnant because it contains toxoplasmosis in the fecal witch could cause harm to your baby. Cats will urinate on clean places such as your couch or carpet when they have a dirty litter box. Making sure that it is clean is very important in training your cat.

Cats need attention and sometimes will leave deposits of unwanted urine and feces in places, due to lack of attention. If your cat feels neglected they will get mad and do things to make you pay attention to them. You should spend daily time with your cat to make them feel loved and wanted. They will respond much better when you take the time to show them attention.

Male cats should be neutered as they like to spray to mark their territory. So you should make sure that they are neutered so they don’t make any more mess. You can use vinegar and water to make the smell go away. You can use half water and half vinegar to clean this up. This will keep your cat from returning to that spot to use again.