Kitten Training Tips

Start your kitten training early with these tips and you’ll have a great companion for life. Contrary to what most people may say, cats are quite smart and can learn proper behavior. Thinking about how your cat might see things and bonding with him can help to gain his trust and make training a bit easier. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to teach your kitten beg or rollover, but you may be able to train him in a way that reduces or eliminates bad behavior.

Most kittens seem irresistibly cute and fun.

There are a few more things to know before you bring home your kitten. You need to research healthy types of food. You should interview a vet. You should kitten proof your house. You should pick up your plants, hide your wires. One good idea you can do is go out and find something for your kitten to hide in. when they first get home they may get a bit scared and want to find a safe and secure place to go. This could either be a kitty condo or a kennel.

There are several problems that may occur when you bring your kitty home. Behavior problems are normal for most kittens. Most of the basic problems will include chewing on things, scratching on chairs, or defecating.

Scratching on different items can create a big problem, like scratching on your favorite chair. It’s a normal thing for a cat to scratch, but get things that are appropriate for them to scratch on. Place them around the house so that there is not just one scratching post. Make sure that you trim your kittens nails at least once a week. If there continues to be a reoccurring problem with scratching you may want to consider having them de-clawed. If you don’t want your kitten to be de-clawed, you should be able to go to the pet store to purchase booties. This will help them from scratching on furniture or other things.

Sometimes kittens will chew on different things, such as strings from mini-blinds, curtains, pretty much anything that sways and could catch their attention. You should take your cords and place them out of reach or just unplug them. You can also get a special cover for the cords.

You will want to keep a close eye on your kitten. Make sure that your kitten is not snagging their claws on your curtains; if they do they have the chance of ripping one of their nails out. This same rune should apply for your carpet, and throw rugs. You want to make sure that your kitten is safe as possible.

The next thing that you should do is make sure that the kitten has enough chew toys. This can help with a lot of oral activity, this being very important for the development of the kitten’s gums and teeth. Another thing that you can do is grow your kitten some of their own grass. This will also help with their digestive system.

Kittens require a lot of attention, they have playful tendencies and if they do not get enough play time they may seem like they are attacking you. All they really want is an outlet for their destructive behavior.

Sometimes you can introduce another kitten to help with aggressive behavior issues.

But that would be totally up to the owner. By bringing in another cat the kitten can take the aggressive behavior towards the other cat. And maybe the kitten is only trying to play; even if that is the case you do not want your feet attacked when your kitten decides that it wants to play. Kittens do need a lot of social interaction. Not just with the owner but with other animals too. If you bring a kitten into a house with a dog, you need to introduce your dog to the new kitten. This will be a big change for all of you. The cat and dog may not get along at first but they need to figure out between the two of them who has higher ranking in the house.

Remember when all of this is said and done you want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the results. This will include your animals, children and yourself. Don’t get stressed out, just hug your cat. It will all be ok. All cats will ever try to do is please you. They are not intending on making you mad they just may not know better yet. It all takes time to teach and learn. Just remember a few basic things. Make sure you pet is happy and healthy. Make sure your doing everything possible for your cat.