Natural Pet Health Care

Holistic pet care and natural pet health are as good for your pet as the same treatments are for you! Many folks these days are turning to holistic care which treats the whole being and is more natural. Shouldn’t your pet have the same benefits? Now I’m not recommending that you do away with your vet visits, but you can combine your natural pet care band traditional medicine for a more natural approach to your pets health needs.

With the growing interest in pet supplies and more and more pet owners demanding quality products, you can find many natural pet medicines and foods on the market. People are taking better care of their pets as they really are our “best friends”. Find out 10 great benefits that natural and holistic pet care can have on the health and well being of your pet.

Top 10 Benefits of Natural and Holistic Pet Care

Author: Mariangie Gonzalez

There are a number of reasons for choosing natural pet foods, treats and supplies. First, use of natural products is consistent with a holistic view. A holistic approach considers all factors regarding your pet’s health, not just individual symptoms. The top 10 benefits of choosing natural and holistic pet care are listed below.

  1. Better nutrition- a natural diet reduces contact with unnecessary chemicals and preservatives while increasing the intake of quality nutrients and vitamins.
  2. Less probability of developing disease- Quality natural foods can reduce the onset of a variety of health problems, including allergies, digestive disorders and more.
  3. Treats source of disease not just symptoms- Holistic care also looks at an animal’s surroundings for ways to improve health. Lowering potential causes of stress, such as loneliness or territorial conflicts, can be helpful in improving overall health. Sufficient exercise and grooming are also elements of good holistic care.
  4. Longer lifespan- natural pet care will help pets live a long life and give you many years of faithful companionship.
  5. Enhanced quality of life- there’s no use on living longer if the quality of life is not good, holistic pet care, will provide a better quality of life for your pet.
  6. Faster healing- Holistic treatment of existing conditions by use of natural products will promote faster healing as natural ingredients are generally absorbed better by your pet and thus speeds the healing process.
  7. Human safety- another reason for using natural pet products is the reduction in human exposure to toxins. Most pets are in frequent contact with people, especially children. Contact with a pet can mean risk of exposure to whatever is on your pet, whereas natural treatments avoid these risks.
  8. Protects the environment- also, natural products breakdown and are absorbed into the environment better than chemical agents and, consequently, are more earth friendly.
  9. Saves time- you won’t be wasting your time dragging your pets to the vet’s office to treat different illnesses as the holistic approach targets the individual as a whole entity, treating existing conditions from their source, not just their symptoms, and preventing new ones from developing.
  10. Saves money- you won’t be wasting your money on cheaper products that ultimately can be a contributor to declining health in your pets and thereby creating more vet visit and bills.

About the author:
Mariangie Gonzalez is an Agronomist with a major in Animal Science & Pre-Veterinary and runs the day-to-day operations of her home-based business and website which carries pet aromatherapy, pet natural remedies, pet herbal supplements and much more. She can also help you start your own home-based 100% natural pet supplies business, you can visit online at: