Golden Retriever Puppy Rescue – How Does It Work And Tips For Adoption

Did you ever consider adopting a Golden Retriever puppy from a puppy rescue? It may be an excellent opportunity to adopt a great pup for your family and help another poor creature in need of care. So if you are planning to adopt a Golden be sure to check you nearest Golden Retriever puppy rescue.

To tell the truth it is pretty uncommon for the rescues to have a lot of puppies unless you consider puppies all dogs less than one year of age. But if you are patient enough you’ll sure find a Golden Retriever pup in your local dog rescue.

There are several reasons a pup may end up in a rescue. They may be given up by previous owners because they became unable or unwilling to take care for them for whatever reason. It is also often that some family members discover allergies after adopting a dog. Sometime breeders have to shut down their activities and need to find new home for the puppies fast. When puppy mills are shut down by authorities or go broke the puppies also need new homes. Sometimes even a pregnant Golden Retriever female is found wandering in the streets or is given up by a previous owner.

For whatever reason rescued Golden Retriever puppies appeared in the shelter they all go thought the medical examination. In most cases it will include vaccinations update, de-worming procedures, heart worm examination, hip and elbow dysplasia and cataract examination etc. And of cause the pup will be provided with medical help if needed.

All the dogs are spayed or neutered in case they weren’t.

It is done as the part of responsible pet ownership in order to avoid any further undesirable offspring – there are enough unwanted dogs that need new home already.

Rescued Golden Retriever puppies will be normally provided with some socialization process and basic training as well. Many of the pups that end up in Golden Retriever puppy rescue were abused one way or another and often distrust people. So they need to go through the rehabilitation process in order to be able to go through the adaptation process easily once they are in their new home.

Actually puppies at the Golden Retriever puppy rescue will be cared for as if they were at the reputable breeder’s until their new home will be found. And as well as any reputable breeder, Golden Retriever puppy rescue is very serious about finding a new home for the puppies. They just want to make sure a puppy will be in good hands and they are always willing to rescue it again if necessary. That is why you’ll have to be able to meet certain requirements to adopt a pup. Normally, the rescue will first review your application and then one of the volunteers or employees will pay you a home visit.

The rescue is mainly interested in several key points:

  • The reasons why you what to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy.
  • If you have enough time and space to provide your pup with the ability to exercise and necessary care.
  • Is there anyone to take care of the pup during the day time?
  • Does anyone in the family suffer from allergies?
  • Safety and security issues.

The reason for all of this is not only to determine if Golden Retriever is the right breed for you but also to find the best fitting pup for your particular lifestyle and situation at home.

Finally, be prepared to pay an adoption fee. Most rescues are non-profit organizations and they rely solely on donations and grants. With all the medical and boarding expenses they need additional money to keep the rescue running smoothly. Anyways, your money will be well spent on rescuing another Golden Retriever puppy.