Ferret Breeders

Grey ferret isolated on a white background

There’s many ferret breeders that you can choose from to purchase your pet.

You should chose a reputable breeder that has been in the business for a while. That way you can insure you are getting a quality ferret. Make sure the breeder’s goal is to improve the species and not just to throw any 2 ferrets together to make money! Unscrupulous breeders could be breeding ferrets with genetic defects that can cause health problems in the animal so getting a quality pet from a reputable breeder is best for both you and the ferret!

If the ferret breeder is near you, you can ask to visit their facility and talk to them to assure yourself of their credentials.

Make sure the ferret is bred for optimum health, picking only the healthiest of parents. Also, you want a pet that has a good temperament, so check out their available ferrets to see how they act and if they are friendly and get along well together. Ask the breeder what qualities he looks for when selecting ferrets for breeding parents.

Find out what veterinary care is provided by your chosen ferret breeders. Your baby ferret should come to you with his first round of shots and having been neutered or spayed. You should also find out what particular food he has been fed and start off feeding him the same food. If you want to switch later, you can do it gradually mixing in a little new food with the old and increasing the amount of new gradually. This will avoid any upset to their digestive system.

Ferret breeding is a business that only ferret lovers will want to attempt! The high cost of vet bills and care for the animals eats away at most of the profits so it’s likely that your ferret breeder is in the business for the love of it. You’ll be able to tell by talking to them or visiting their web site.

For ferrets, breeding may not come as second nature. Some females are not interested in kits and delivery can be very complicated resulting in death of the mother, baby or both. You should not attempt to breed your own ferrets – leave that to the professionals and make sure you get a ferret that is neutered or spayed.