Feeder Goldfish

Feeder goldfish are usually purchased as throw away fish to start of a new tanks nitrogen cycle or to be fed to other fish but they can make nice pets too! While feeders aren’t as “showy” as fancy goldfish, they are lovely in their own right and easy to care for as well.

These goldfish are also know as common goldfish and have flat long bodies with single V shaped tails which resemble a carp. Usually an orange gold color, they can come in many other colors as well.

All goldfish are descendants of the Asian carp. Goldfish have been bred in China for thousands of years and today there are over 100 species which are bred worldwide. Gold fish are found I almost every aquarium and probably the most common fish in pet stores today!

Feeder fish have the same requirements as fancy goldfish. Proper water quality, nutritious food and plenty of space. If you are keeping goldfish as pets, you should dedicate a tank just to these lovely fish as they prefer a cooler water temperature than most tropical fish. However, you should not mix the feeder or common goldfish in the same tank as the fancy breeds as the fancies are slower. Goldfish also need a lot of space as they can grow to 7” in length. They also need a lot of oxygen, so a long tank with plenty of surface space is best. Water temperature should be below 72 degrees F.

Routine care of your goldfish tank is the same as with any other fish tank. Periodic water changes of 10% to 15% along with proper water conditioning are a must. You should inspect your goldfish periodically (after all, you do have the tank so you can enjoy them by looking at them, right?) to make sure they do not show any signs of disease. If you see any white fluffy stuff or other abnormalities, treat it right away. Of course, regular tank care and maintenance such as changing the filter, cleaning the outside tank and hood and replacing lights as needed is necessary for a good looking and functional goldfish tank.