Fancy Goldfish

Fancy goldfish have beautiful color variations, long flowing fins and unusual characteristics These goldfish are rounded in body with double tails as opposed to common goldfish or feeder goldfish which are longer in body and have a single fin tail. The fancy goldfish may or may not have a dorsal fin depending on the breed.

Some Breeds Include:

Ryukin – These fancy fish have fat bellies and long fins. They have rather a humped back and tall dorsal fin. They come in many colors – either solid or calico / mottled. These fish have a gentle nature and can be kept in either fish tanks or ponds. These goldfish can grow up to 8” in an aquarium and even larger in a pond.

Oranda – These fish have long fancy tails and a bumpy covering on their heads. Sometimes the bumpy covering can conceal their eyes. These hardy goldfish can be kept in either fish tanks or ponds and can grow up to 8” in an aquarium – larger in a pond.

Bubble Eye – This goldfish is rather ugly in my opinion, but some people love them! They are characterized by large air sacks underneath their eyes. They come in many colors and have a gentle nature.

Telescope Eye – This goldfish is distinguished by it’s telescoping eyes which some think resemble those of a dragon. Sometimes, this fish is referred to as the Dragon Eye Goldfish. It comes in a variety of colors including a calico. This peaceful fish can grow up to 8” in an aquarium tank.

Black Moor – This goldfish is of the veiltail species and has a long fancy tail with short round body. This fish has a distinct coloration of a velvety black with metallic scales that have an undertone of gold. A gentle fish, this one can grow up to 10” in an aquarium under the right conditions.

Crown Pearlscale – This goldfish has iridescent pearlized scales and a bumpy crown on top of it’s head. This is one of the larger fancy goldfish (actually it’s a carp) and can grow up to 14” in the tank. Like the other goldfish, this one has a peaceful disposition.