Dog Pet Therapy

We all know that humans can be allergic to animals, but did you that pet allergies can be found in many dogs and cats?

Dog pet therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure in many studies.

Of course, dog owners have known about the therapeutic value of pets for a long time but the medical community seems to be just catching on. Pet therapy has been implemented in many nursing homes and hospitals using both dogs and cats and there has been a positive response.

Who doesn’t feel better when they reach out to touch the soft fur of a dog or stare into the loving eyes of a cuddly canine?

If you have a dog and would like to provide therapeutic value to the sick in your community, you might try looking around for a volunteer program. Of course, there are some rules and it might be a bit of work, but the rewards will be many.

Before you dog can be considered for pet therapy, he will of course have to have all his shots and a clean bill of health from your vet. You’ll want to have some obedience training so that your dog is well mannered and minds you. It won’t do to have an excitable dog that jumps all over everyone – remember these people are sick and some may be frail or recovering from injuries.

You may be required to take your dog to pet therapy classes where both you and the dog will be evaluated and trained by professionals. They’ll show you the ropes so that you will know what to expect. Once in a program, your job will be as easy as putting your dog in the car and taking him to the nursing home or hospital.

Before you bring your pet dog out in public for any kind of therapeutic charity work, you’ll want to make sure he is properly groomed. A good bath and hair cut will have him looking and smelling good. Make sure the nails are trimmed so that they don’t ruin flooring or scratch patients. Be sure you have a good collar and lead.

Your dog may be a little shy at first, but most pets take to this sort of therapy and like interacting with the people. It’s a great way to get out and do some good in the community while building the hope and spirits of those that are in need.