Dog Travel Supplies and Planning

Dog travel supplies and planning are essential to having a pleasant trip with your pet. Whether you are traveling for vacation or moving cross country, you need to put a little thought into what to bring and trip planning so that fido is his most comfortable.

When traveling with your dog, you need to keep in mind that he cannot tell you if he is thirsty, or hot or has to go to the bathroom so you will need to anticipate his needs and provide for him. If you see that your dog is experiencing any discomfort while traveling, then figure out what he needs and provide it whether it be a bowl of water or a pee brake.

If you will be driving long distances in your travels and staying overnight in motels, you should plan for bathroom breaks and make sure you make reservations in hotels that allow dogs. Be sure your dog gets enough water on the road.

When traveling in the car, you should make sure you maintain an appropriate temperature for your dog and that he isn’t stuck in a spot where the sun is beating down on him. Leave the windows down a crack so he can get fresh air and never leave your dog in the car unattended!

Travel supplies are just as important as planning – check the article below for some supplies that you might want to have for your next trip

Dog Travel Supplies

Author: Rolf Rasmusson

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The shopping part along for dog travel supplies is amusing for sure. The trinkets, toys and accessories for pet product travel are a blast. Grab your favorite drink, your mouse and grease up that shopping finger and off we go to review those dog travel supplies.

We found, while shopping for Charlie pet harnesses that combine safety with convenience. The step-in padded harness is easy to fasten to your best pet friend and can also be used as a walking harness. The strap plugs into the car’s seat belt buckle receptacle. It’s recommend that for all pet travel you harness your doggie while driving for the protection of passengers and your little best pet friend.

Then add a nice durable car seat cover to protect your upholstery and everyone’s a happy camper. These covers fit most vans, trucks, SUV’s and cars with bench or fold-down seats. The outer shell is 100% polyester with a layer of foam for cushion and comfort. One side is a tan, soft pile and reversible to a durable gray polyester weave. Easy to care for, simply hand wash with a mild detergent soap and line dry. Measures 48″x 60″.

Tip: Vehicle barriers and harnesses should always be used when traveling with your dog in a car, van or SUV. They not only protect your dog, but you and your passengers as well.

Pet barriers will fit either your Car, Van or Suv. Vehicle barriers should always be used when traveling with your doggie in the car, van or SUV. They not only protect your best pet friend, but you and your passengers as well. The different styles of pet barriers will allow you to fill your needs. There are barriers for small cars, mini and full size vans and SUV’s.

We also needed a pet ramp and found training Charlie to use it was pretty simple: Charlie adapted to the ramp easily but we’ve been told that some of our doggies don’t, we suggest you put the ramp flat on the ground & walk your pet friend over it (a reward placed on the ramp also helps or you might try feeding him on the ramp once or twice). When you raise the ramp, your pets favorite treat placed towards the top of the ramp also works the first time.

We had fun snooping around for dog travel supplies. Our pets always have softened our hearts, put smiles on our faces and even released stress as our minds went shopping for our family’s best pet friend. Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself after-all think of all the joy those lovable pets of ours bring into our lives.

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