Dog Obedience School

Just because your pup is a little rowdy doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is a bad dog.

Maybe a little guidance is needed. Consider enrolling your pet in dog obedience school.

Most of the time, there is hope for dogs that are a little friskier or obnoxious than their owners would like. While some dogs are left to roam in a fenced in yard all day while their owners are at work, others are cooped up in homes with no company and little to entertain them. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s playground. With this in mind, a pet owner may come home to chewed slippers and furniture, trash receptacles dumped over and urine and/or feces (also known as doggy do) in every corner of the home. Dogs that stay outside all day could be tempted into mischievous behavior as well, such as digging near fence lines, constant barking and even escaping the property to freely explore the neighborhood.

Of course, all of these examples are purely puppy play, but sometimes the tomfoolery could lead to legal problems for the dog’s owner. Although an owner may believe that their dog is securely contained in a fenced-in area, animals are no dummies. A whimsical pup might dig its way out of the yard and cause property damage to a neighbors flower bed or lawn furniture. It could bite a pedestrian or worse yet, a child. Also, a chronic complainer residing in your community could continuously phone law enforcement reporting continuous barking from your dog.

A dog obedience school or trainer could instruct your dog on the proper ways to behave around people, listen and respond to commands like “sit”, “heel” and “down”, how to behave while constrained to a leash and how to socialize with other dogs.

When searching for a dog obedience school, do your research. Check references, inquire to whether the trainer is certified and set up an introductory meeting between your dog and the trainer to make sure the two are compatible.