An Aquarium Ocean Right In Your Living Room

You can have an aquarium ocean right in your own living room and it’s not as hard as you think!

You can have a tank filled with colorful and unusual creatures including living rock, sea anemones, clown fish and even an octopus.

A salt water tank can allow you to have so much more than a fresh water and a reef tank will really look like the bottom of the ocean.

You probably think that a salt water tank is too hard to maintain, right?

Well, unless you are extremely lazy, this just isn’t true. Sure, it takes a bit more time in the setup and you do need to monitor it closely but all in all it is not that much more work than a fresh water tank. They key is to NOT overload the tank with fish. Your aquarium ocean salt water fish are much more sensitive then fresh water (and much more costly so losing one can be a real drag).

When considering setting up your own aquarium ocean, keep in mind that you will want a spot near an outlet and out of direct sunlight. You’ll want to buy a tank that has a nice base where you can hide the filters, pumps etc..,and you will want to buy the biggest tank you can get. Also, if your tank will be against a wall that is covered in drywall you need to put up plastic or something to protect the drywall from salt which can damage it.

During initial setup, you’ll need to make sure the water temp, salt level and ph are perfect before you put fish in and add fish to your aquarium ocean slowly (I would start with the cheapest fish fist). After that normal water changes and monitoring are all that is required (a reef tank is a bit more delicate – see the articles below), not much different than a fresh water tank except there are a few more things to monitor.

For more specifics on setting up your own aquarium ocean check out the articles below.