Signs Of Parakeet Illness

Birds metabolize very quickly so it is critical to get your pet to a vet at the first signs of parakeet illness.

Even something that seems mild can turn deadly very quickly. The most important thing, of course, is to watch your bird every day so that you know what is normal and be ever watchful for signs of anything different in his eating, elimination or play habits.

Some signs of parakeet illness are:

Wet droppings

If you notice a change in the consistency of your birds droppings this could be a sign of illness or stress. Also, if you change his diet his droppings may change. It can also indicate an infection so check with your vet for treatment.

Puffed out feathers

Can be caused by a draft or chill. Make sure you keep your bird away from any drafts, open windows or doors.

Although your bird should be able to acclimate to any household temperature that is comfortable for you, rapid changes can be harmful and should be avoided at all costs.


Your bird could have a cold, upper respiratory infection or be inhaling a lot of dust.

Growth on feet and beak

This could be scaly mites and, while easily treatable, does require a call to your vet.


If your bird is hanging around on the bottom of his cage and seems listless, this could be a sign of parakeet illness and requires a vets attention.