Should Your Cat Eat Natural Cat Food?

Natural cat food is packed with nutrients and quality ingredients which can add to your cats health. While it can be more expensive, the health benefits far outweigh the costs. You can make your own cat food using all organic and natural ingredients so that you know exactly what your cat is eating, or you can buy premade food.

Natural cat food is made with real foods – not fillers or by products. The best brands use “human grade” ingredients. Check the list of ingredients to make sure that meat is the main ingredient and there are no fillers.

If you want to feed your cat natural cat food but can’t afford those expensive brands, you might want to try preparing the food yourself. There are several web sites out there that offer recipes. Basically you’ll want to feed your cat the same type of meat you eat along with supplements and perhaps some white rice if your cat can’t have all protein. Check with your vet to see if she has any recipes or recommendations on this type of feeding.

Natural cat food will help reduce waste. Since more of the actual food is absorbed there will be less in the litter box and it will not smell as bad! Some cat food brands also claim to help with hairballs and enhance the cats immune system.