Cat Magazines

Cat magazines can provide the cat lover with information on your pet’s health and trends in cat care. There’s plenty of magazines to choose from – here’s a rundown on some of our recommended magazines:

Cat Fancy Magazine – This is target to owners, breeders and show exhibitors. This cat magazines articles include information on feline diet, grooming, behaviour, medical news and info on showing cats. It also contains show schedules, product listings and has a how-to section.

Cats & Kittens – This magazine is very cutesy with cute little articles and write ins from the cat’s themselves. It also contains serious information such as medical reports, cat training and breed profiles.

I Love Cats – This series of cat magazines is designed for the cat lover and focuses on information that helps owners provide their cats with happier healthier lives. Included inside is veterinarian advice, articles on nutrition, book reviews, and lots of cat stories.

Whole Cat Journal – Of the cat magazines, this one is most focused on feline health care. It includes up to date articles on the latest in diet, vitamins, holistic care, vaccines, homeopathic medicines, digestive enzymes and everything else you need to keep your cat in tip top shape.