Cat Litter Enclosures

Cat litter enclosures can be a great way to hide the unsightly mess and odor of litter boxes, but you need to make sure you don’t forget about the box entirely!

Cats can be very particular, some more than others, about how clean their box is. You need to use the right kind of litter for the particular cat and if you are keeping multiple cats, then 1 box per cat is recommended.

If you hate cleaning the box then instead of cat litter enclosures you may want to consider a automatic cat litter box that cleans itself! While an enclosed box might hide the mess away, you will still need to get in there and clean it daily. If you do not, this may cause your cat to find some other less offensive place to relieve itself.

If you don’t want to mess with an electronic self cleaning box, there is a cat litter enclosure that is self cleaning – The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. This box is not electronic but has a grill inside that scoops up the waste when you roll the box and puts it in a removable tray. No manual scooping or liners with this box. Check our cat supplies page for recommended merchants where you can buy this litter box

Of course, cat litter enclosures have other benefits too. Cats like to dig before and after they eliminate and this can cause the litter from an uncovered box to make a mess all around and under the box. A covered box will keep all the litter contained as well as provide a private space for your cat. Of course, the odor can accumulate in such a small place, so you should buy one that has an odor eliminating filter so that your cat will want to use it and not be turned away by a horrible odor.

If, for some reason, your cat stops using the litter box you should get him to a vet as soon as possible. This change in behavior could be caused by a medical problem so you want to rule that out first and get your cat treatment if needed. If you have changed your litter, this could be another reason why the cat does not want to use the box – maybe he just does not find the new brand suitable! And if you have introduced a new box, this might also be turning your cat off.