Cat Carriers for Fun or Fashion

Cat carriers are an essential supply for any pet owner.

Wether it’s simple trips to the vet or traveling, you want to make sure you get a carrier that is safe, easy to use and functional. We’ll point you in the right direction whether you want a basic kennel cab, or a designer carry bag that is functional and looks great!

Make sure you purchase a cat carrier that is comfortable for your cat. It should be about 1 ½ times the size of the cat and he should be able to lie flat and turn around inside the carrier. If you are traveling on a plane with your cat, you’ll want to check with the airline to make sure your carrier is accepted. Generally, most hard sided carriers are OK for pet travel.

Having tried to shove our cats into front loading kennel cabs many a time, we recommend a top loading carrier like the soft sided Cozy Carrier.

The top loading carriers are much easier, you just scoop up your cat and plop him in before he knows what’s happened!

Soft sided carriers can be more comfortable and are accepted by some airlines for traveling with pets under the seat in the passenger cabin. Some soft sided carriers have optional travel tray and travel kits while others have wheels like the Sherpa-On-Wheels. And don’t forget a front carrier for taking your pet anywhere and still having your hands free.

You can have your cat carriers and look great too! Check out these designer carriers – how about this great faux animal skin tote or this 1940’s style bag, or my favorite, this zebra lined tote that looks like a pair of jeans on the front! Or slip your friend into the faux mink or faux crocodile carrier.