Bubble Eyed Goldfish

The bubble eyed goldfish is a strange looking creature that, at first glance, appears to be suffering from some horrible disease!

This goldfish is characterized by large bubbles under the eyes. Sometimes the bubbles hamper it’s ability to swim and to see and it is often comical to see them waddeling around in the tank. In some fish, one bubble is larger than the other which does not affect the fish’s ability to swim. These goldfish have no dorsal fin and a double tail of medium length.

The bubble eyes in these goldfish start to develop when the fish are about 6 months old and are usually fully developed by the time the fish is 2 years old. The bubbles are fragile and can break and even get infected so these fish need a gentle environment in which to live.

These fish have a gentle temperament and will grow up to 5″ in length.


  • Tank Min Size: 30 Gals
  • Temperature: 65 F
  • Fish Size: 5″
  • Temperment: Gentle
  • Family:

Bubble eye goldfish are easy to care and only require proper water quality, food and space. Goldfish are best kept in a large tank (30 gallons or more) with adequate surface space. A rectangular tank that is short and long is best. The tank should have adequate filtration but not anything that creates too much of a current. Use fine gravel as a substrate and include cold water plants and other ornamentation.Water temperature should be kept between 65 and 72 degrees F. Monthly water changes are recommended. Putting too many goldfish in a tank can have adverse affects on the fish’s health – you should allocate about 7 gallons per fish.