Types of Dog Food

Homemade Puppy Food

Puppies are cute, cuddly, and full of energy, which is why it is important that they get the proper and balanced nutrition. Nutrition for a puppy is one of the most essential and key parts of having your new found joy happy and healthy for a long time. To provide a healthy and nutritious meal and still save money, owners are able to opt for homemade puppy food. Often making homemade puppy food can be easy and quick while still providing all the nutritious goodness puppies need. By following some simple steps and guidelines we can ensure that both you and your puppy are on the right track.

The first step is to find out which kind of meat you will use for your puppy. One of the easiest and least expensive types of meat is poultry, with chicken being the most preferable. The preparation of the chicken requires a few steps of its own. After cooking the chicken, either by baking or boiling, proceed to making sure that all skin is removed, and then proceed to deboning the pieces of cooked chicken. The chicken serves as your puppy’s source of protein, but there are still many other nutritional requirements that need to be met.

Your puppy needs carbohydrates for energy; this requirement can be fulfilled with either boiled rice or barley. While boiling rice or barley, attempt to find some various vegetables such as celery or carrots, that could be added to a pot and boiled. Similarly to humans, puppies benefit from vegetables and other plants in their diet; they help the puppy’s digestive system and boost their overall health. The last and final step is making sure this puppy meal is ready for presentation and consumption. Mix all of these various ingredients in a giant pot and let it simmer. You now have a fresh pot of food that your puppy will go crazy for.

There are a few things to remember when feeding your puppy your homemade meal. To ensure that you do not overfeed your puppy or waste any of your food, make sure to give your puppy a sensible portion of food. It is also important to make sure that your food is a good temperature that won’t burn your puppy’s mouth or make them uncomfortable. As long as all of these guidelines are followed, it will be of no surprise that your puppy may leave their bowl spotless. Your puppy will undoubtedly appreciate their homemade feast and you will appreciate the money you saved making your own puppy food.

Natural Puppy Food

Puppies require love, care and obviously a diet that is rich in nutrition and preferably natural to eliminate any sorts of chemicals or dyes. Natural puppy food is a great way to ensure that your puppy stay healthy while still enjoying the taste of this wholesome diet. Some of the most common basics about buying puppy food are to avoid big name brands that do not specify or wish to advertise their brand as a natural brand. Some brands that are recommend are:


This brand of dog food specializes in all natural and organic foods. The ingredients they use are all organic with no pesticides, no growth hormones, no anti-biotics and no synthetic fertilizers.

Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is passionate in providing nutritious foods to all dogs. Their dog food products are 100 percent free of soy, chemical preservatives, corn, wheat, and artificial colors & flavors. They provide a variety of food and treats that are great for all diets. Many of their products even help with weight loss and improving their skin and coat.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold was one of the first companies to provide all natural dog food products to the public. They offer dry foods, canned foods, and treats that are all natural. All their products do not contain any chemical preservatives.



Orijen provides dog food made from fresh regional ingredients – from free-range red meats to wild caught fish. Their dog food products are carbohydrate limited, grain-free and protein rich.

California Naturals

California Naturals is specially created using unique ingredients which help promote healthy coat and skin while also concentrating on providing good food for dogs that have sensitive stomach issues.


Innova integrates elements from each of the five food groups – dairy, vegetables, meat, fruit and grain, also including essential fats and oils to help with the overall health of your puppy.

Natural puppy food does take time in the sense that your puppy may have a preference in taste. However, it is important to remember that your puppy may not respond to all types of natural puppy food, therefore, trial and error is expected. Making the switch to a natural brand is worth the time, money and search. It will ensure that your puppy stays healthy, lean and can do all the things you and your puppy love to do.

Free Puppy Food

It is no surprise to many of us puppy owners that puppies can be expensive, and also require a fair amount of time to ensure that they grow up with the best possible puppy food. Food is an essential aspect of a healthy puppy, but can often leave your wallet dry and empty, being just the opposite of how your puppy’s food and stomach should be. This is why there are various ways to receive free puppy food and make sure that both your wallet and your puppy are content.

The recession has hit some of us hard, but with that being said, dog food companies understand, and have reacted in a fashion that leaves many dog owners with a sense of hope and happiness that they can still provide proper nutrition to their growing puppies.

Companies like Proctor & Gamble, are giving away free food for dogs of all ages, and have already provided bags of food for over 15,000 happy dogs. By entering some simple information, they will send you a voucher, free of charge, to receive one free full size of Eukanuba Puppy Food. However, supplies will run out, making it imperative that you sign up as soon as you can. Another way to receive free puppy food is by taking advantage of new puppy food products that come out to the market. Often times, you can find products that have newly been introduced that are looking to give out samples to see how patrons respond. Free puppy food is out there, and in times of financial difficulty, owners everywhere can be thankful that there is a helping hand.
Free puppy food and free samples are an excellent way for puppy owners to test out different types of food. And, they often come in small portions which can help those pet owners whom are worried about changing up the diet or the foot that their puppy is eating.

Different Dogs need Different Diets

Dogs have been used as companions for centuries, they also have been used for other purposes throughout history such as hunting, working and herding. This has led to a difference in the nutritional needs from dog to dog. For example, when I first started working at a desk job instead of out in the field I gained weight. It was necessary for me to change my dietary habits to maintain the same weight as before. It is much the same with a dog. Their jobs, as well as the physical output differ from dog to dog.

Dogs today still help man with working in the field. They also serve as companion dogs, often found relaxing on the couch at home while their masters are out working their jobs. The dog gets it’s energy from the food it eats, and if the nutritional input of the food does not equal the output of a working dog then one of two things will happen. Either the dog will slow down, or if forced to work harder it will maintain an unhealthy weight.

You should always watch your dog’s weight to make sure that it is getting it’s necessary nutrition and energy. At the same time overfeeding and inactive dog will put it’s health in jeopardy as well by making it fat. It’s a delicate balance, but once the optimum feeding requirements are found then maintenance should be a snap.