Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Should your pet eat a raw food diet for dogs? According to the research I’ve done there is definitely some mixed feelings on that subject.

Most agree, the most of the commercially prepared foods are made with substandard ingredients so what is the best diet for your pet? That’s where things get a bit fuzzy. Some say that feeding your dog all raw meats can cause problems while others say it prevents disease.

If you are considering a raw food diet for dogs, I recommend you discuss it with your vet. It may be that there has not been enough time for the correct amount of research on this subject so there isn’t enough of the right information available. Here’s some things to think about when considering a raw food diet for dogs:

Commercially prepared foods have only been around for a few generations and before that dogs ate the same thing that our grandparents ate – table scraps, raw bones and bits and pieces of other foods.

In the wild, dogs eat animals starting with the stomach contents (where they would get grains and veggies), but these animals are much different than the meat we would buy in the store to eat ourselves.

Raw bones do not splinter – cooked bones do.

Dogs systems are designed differently than humans and they can handle the bacteria in raw meats that would make us sick./p>

Fruit and vegetables will provide fiber for your dog, but they should be pureed as dogs are not designed to digest them the same as we are.


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