About Us

I always wanted to work with animals, but lacking the funds and experience to open a pet store (and having an aversion to blood, so veterinary work was out!) I figured an online pet resource center would be a good way to satisfy my goals plus help others learn how to care for and find great stuff for their pets.

Over the years, I’ve had every kind of pet imaginable from the most basic fresh water fish tank, to a huge saltwater tank and even a special tank where I kept seahorses! I’ve had gerbils, rabbits and hamsters and my fabulous ferret (named Ferret Beuler!) lived for almost 8 years and we are still finding stuff she hid away!

My feathered friends have included a wonderful parakeet that used to have free reign in the house and would fly over to sit on my shoulder and try to eat off my plate. A shy cockatiel that I paired up with a friends cockatiel and they had babies which she raised. And a Nanday Conure that hated people.

I’ve had several dogs and currently am owned by a sweet little Pomeranian who weighs only 3 ½ pounds and is adored by everyone who sets eyes on her. Of course, she thinks she is the queen of the house, but I also divide my attention between 2 cats, a domestic american shorthair who is entering old age and a stray that I saved from near death several years ago.

I hope that this web site helps you find products you may be searching for and gives you a little bit of knowledge on what to buy for your pets continued health and well being.

Thanks for visiting,

Lee Dobbins

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