Pet Identification Collar and Tags

A pet identification collar or tag is a must have for any pet owner. This is the only means of identifying your pet should he get lost!

Traditionally, metal tags with the owners name, address and phone number were attached to a pets collar and anyone who found your pet could easily return him, but there are new ways to identify your pet today. Now you can provide him with an identification collar that has your name and address printed on it. These collars are usually wide nylon with the information clearly printed.

You can also get a pet microchip that is embedded in his skin. This is a great alternative to the traditional collar and tag method and will work even if the collar is lost. The microchip can be read by any vet or animal shelter that comes across your lost pet and the owner will be identified using a national database.

Identifying a lost pet has come a long way from the collar and tag days and new technology is making use of the internet to find lost pets. Learn more in this article below by Thaddeus Collins

Pet Identification Tags And The Internet

Author: Thaddeus Collins

The greatest fear of most pet owners is that there is a chance the family pet will get lost, and not be returned. But many of these same pet owners fail to take the necessary precautions needed to safeguard their pets. By simply overlooking the importance of the pet identification tag, and how having up-to-date accurate information can greatly increase the chances of a successful pet recovery.

And, with the advent of the internet, and its ability to link nations together, and not to mention its popularity, with millions of registered users online daily. Combining these two resources can greatly increase the chance that a pet will be recovered, if these resources are used correctly.

Combining the internet and the pet identification tag provides many benefits to the pet owner when it comes to ensuring the safety of the family pet. The best use of these resources is provided by a company named RecoveryPets. Com whose website is located at, and this is accomplished by using a unique tracking number for each registered pet and that number is inscribed on the pet identification tag. This system allows the pets description and photograph to be placed on the companies website along with the owners contact information.

Each year millions of family pets are lost, and end up at shelters that have no idea who these pets belong to, or how to contact the owners to return the pets. But, something as simple as a pet tag that you only have to register for once, because the contact information can be updated free for the life of the pet, can almost erase this problem and reunite many pets with their families. Additionally, because this is a web based service, anyone with a computer around the world can access the pets information, and return the lost pet to its owners.

About the author:

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit


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