Parakeet Bird Cages Selection and Setup

Parakeet bird cages come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know if you are getting the right one for your pet? Your parakeet should have a cage that is at least 2 feet square – if you have several birds you may want a bigger cage. Even with a single bird, the bigger cage you can provide him, the happier he will be! Your pets cage should be able to provide him with plenty of perches and room to exercise so be sure that you can place perches at different levels and that your bird has room to stretch his wings.

Wire parakeet bird cages are best – be sure the wire is strong and the bars are no more than 3/4″ apart. Make sure that it is easy to clean, we prefer a cage that has a slide out tray so you can easily remove the debris on the bottom of the cage. The cage should be cleaned daily so ease of use is important. Also, make sure there is a grill on the bottom so that the bird can go down there without walking in how own droppings.

Cage Placement

Now that you have the perfect cage for your bird, you’ll want to make sure you put it in the perfect place!

Your bird wants to be part of the family so it is a good idea to put parakeet bird cages in a room that the family frequently gathers in like the living room. Keep the cage away from any drafts such as fans, or an air condition and even the heating vent as parakeets do not do well with sudden temperature changes.

Keep the cage out of direct sunlight and away from any windows or doors that might be open. The draft from the windows and doors would net be good for your pets health.

Unless you have a very large kitchen, try not to put the cage in this room. The fumes from cooking could make your bird sick – especially non stick pans which are toxic to birds! In fact, we recommend that you throw out all of your non stick pans if you are keeping any kind of bird. If you must put your parakeet bird cages in the kitchen, keep them as far away from the stove as possible.