Do You Need A Mammoth Dog Bed?

If you have a large breed dog like a Great Dane or Great Pyrenees you need to get a mammoth dog bed for him to call his own. No matter how big, your pet needs to have his own place to go to when he wants to feel safe and secure. If you want a large dog, you need to be able to set aside a spot in your home to accomodate his dog bed.

Dog beds come in all different types, so how do you pick out the best bed? Of course, the bed needs to be the best size for your dog – a good size so he can stretch to length and not hang off the edge but not too long that he feels lost in it. A good bed will also be comfortable, be easy to clean and be waterproof and dirt resistant.

Getting The Correct Measurements

Your mammoth dog bed needs to be the proper lenght in order for your dog to be his most comfortable. Make sure you get one that he can stretch out flat in but doesn’t get lost in. A large dog, of course, will need one of the larger style beds as well as one that is sturdy enough for the rigors of a larger breed. You’ll most likey have to go with a pillow bed or dog mat that is 50# or more in length. To find the right size for the bed, you can measure your dog from the end of the nose to where the tail starts. Add on 12″ more or less and that is roughly the width of the bed you need for your dog.

Pillow Beds

A pet bed like this comes in many sizes and shapes and are similar to a large pillow that your dog can settle in to. You can find them in many materials, patterns and designer prints. If your pooch likes the outdoors, you can even find him a weather resistant one! You can buy any design or color to match your furniture and rug so why not choose more than one mammoth dog bed and have a soft bed for your pet in every room? Remember that the bed will need to be washed sometimes so make sure to get one with a cover that is machine washable.

Nest Beds

As the name implies, This is a bed that is shapeed like a nest around the dog. Made from stiff foam, they have sides that stick up to give your dog a security feeling. like the pillow bed, they are made in in all colors and sizes and generally have removable washable covers.

Orthopedic and Heated Dog Beds

If your dog is older or has joint problems (or maybe you just prefer to spoil him with comforts?), he may find comfort from an orthopedic dog bed. This type of bed are made from polyfoam which offers support for your dog. You can even purchase a version that is sort of prefer a hammock and is made to lift your dog off the cold floor, or one with a built in pillow! If your dog desires some extra heat, you can add a pet bed warmer that plugs in, or a warmth pad that you warm in the microwave – it stays hot for 12 hours and calls for no electricity thus getting rid of potentially dangerous electrical cords. If it is the reverse you ought, try the canine cooler thermoregulating dog bed which provides cold dry therapy for your dog.