All About Golden Retriever Breed

Golden Retriever breed’s original purpose was to become an ultimate hunting dog. It’s excellent obedience, energetic nature and physical capabilities were indispensable during hunting sessions in Scotland Highlands. Used to retrieve game running through wet terrain and underbrush the canine soon became popular all over the Britain and Europe and afterwards was brought to Canada and US.

Naturally, many characteristics of modern Goldens are still determined by its original purposes. This medium-large sized dog has luxurious dense waterproof coat with a firm straight or wavy outer coat can be colored in all variations of golden from light cream to almost black. Goldens love water and swimming is one of their favorite exercises. They are very strong and active dogs too.


Their daily need for excesses can be satisfied by long walks, jogging or running alongside to the bicycle, swimming in the nearest lake or river or by different dog games, like catching Frisbee, which they are very good at. It is important to remember that their desire to exercise is actually a physiological and psychological need that should be satisfied in order to preserve health of a dog. Generally, the breed is moderately active indoors and is ok for apartment keeping if exercised sufficiently, but it will do best with at least medium to large-sized yard.

Typical Golden Retriever has straight muzzle and broad skull, black or brownish black nose, and dark brown medium to large eyes.

The ears are relatively short and hang down close to the chicks, but when pulled forward the tip of the ear should just cover the eye. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. Males are normally 22-24 inches height and weight 60 to 80 pounds. Females are 20 to 24 inches height and weight 55 to 70 pounds. Dog’s average life expectancy is ten to twelve years.


Not unlike other breeds Golden Retrievers are prone to certain health problems. Cancer, hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, skin allergies, congenital eye defects and heart problems are common in Golden Retrievers. To reduce risk of these diseases it is essential to pay attention to the dog’s genetics before adoption. Goldens also tend to gain weight quickly, so it is important not to overfeed them.

Character of the dog breed

Of course Golden Retrievers are best known for their character. Loving, intelligent and obedient they became one of the most popular family and service dogs. They are widely used in search and rescue operations, as bird dogs on both land and in the water, in hunting and tracking, drug detection, as guide-dogs for the blind, service dogs for disabled and even as a therapy dogs. Of course they also make a great family companion good with strangers and other pets. Being easy to train Golden is also an ideal choice for inexperienced dog owners. They adapt easily to new environment and are always ready to please their owner. As the result, Goldens are great companions but pour watchdogs. Golden is also a type of dog that you should consider taking with you on all your trips rather than leaving him at the kennel’s. With all these amazing qualities there’s no wonder that Golden Retriever has indeed became America’s favorite dog!

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