Getting Your Cat Into A Cat Carrier

Sticking your cat in a pet carrier, whether it be for a trip to the vet or a nice vacation can be a chore. You can make this job easier on you and the at with a bit of planning and some training ahead of time.

Training the behavior is just important as selecting the correct carrier for your cat. First thing that you will want to do is train your cat to be comfortable in an enclosed area. If your cat is not use to being in an enclosed area this is the first place that you will want to start.

Step by step your can achieve this with little resistant from the cat. Putting your cat in enclosed area can cause stress with the cat. You will want to be careful with these steps.

First pick out an area that the cat is familiar with. Maybe like the bathroom or a closet, but big enough, so that you will be able to be in there for a short time. Let the cat investigate with the door closed and you in with him to find that there is no fear. At this time you will want to be talking to him assuring there is nothing wrong. For the first day do this a few times, so that they start to get comfortable. One thing you will want to do is take a few of the cat’s favorite items that are small. Remember the goal is a small pet carrier so there will not be a lot of room for other items. Favorite toy, blanket, pillow or any small item that is his will help with him to be comfortable. One of the reasons for this is the item has his scent on it so this will tell him that this is also part of his territory. During the stay, you will want to have small treats to give him for reward for being good. Petting him and making a relaxed atmosphere will also be important.

When this is accomplished, the next step is to find a carrier that is right for him.

Learning and searching sites and talking to pet store about this will help you with the right choice. You do not want a carrier that is too big and too small. There are also different types of carriers. You may at this time want to learn more about collapsible houses to use on the trip. This will make the cat happy and safe when you are at your destination. Your cat will be able to have an area that is confined but also for the cat to enjoy fresh air and the view.

With the carrier you will want to open it and make sure the door is securely open. At this point you do not want the cat to get trapped in the carrier. Now put some of the cats favorite toys, blanket, pillow or items that you used in the closet, put them in the carrier. This will attract him to be curious about the carrier. A good idea would get some catnip to put in the carrier. Catnip is a scent that cats love and will attract them. Once you have let the carrier out for a couple of days and see that your cat has become really curious and maybe not entered it yet. This will be a time that you will want to play games with the cat. Put the favorite toy that you play with in the carrier tell him to find it. Show the cat where it is, by placing him in front of the carrier. Once this is achieved, play with him in the carrier. Put the cat carefully and gentle in the carrier while petting and making him relaxed. Once you have done this play with the toy to let him know that he doing a good job. Remember to reward your cat when he is doing a good behavior.

Once this has been done and you are able to move away from the carrier a few time in the next couple of days make this a good play time. This will allow the cat to get use to the carrier. After you see that he is achieved this, now is the time to work slowly with the door.

Place the door in a closed position while talking to him. Then open the door do this for a few times to make sure that he is comfortable with it. Once you see that he is comfortable then you will want to close the door, not locked just closed and move away. So that he is able to see you but you are not right there. Do this for a couple of days or till he is comfortable.

Next step lock the door, making sure he is comfortable with the actions. Make sure closing and locking is not making any loud noises as this will startle him and it might be the end of kitty going with on the trip. Once you see that he is comfortable, continue to back up till he is unable to see you. At this time there should be no resistant to him being in the carrier with the door lock.

Finally pick up the carrier with him in it and walk around the room. You should do this for a couple of times till you know things are working. Now the challenge is taking the carrier to the car, place it so that your cat can see you. Now go for your first ride. Remember loud noises will startle him. Drive quietly, safely with him in the car. This will be very important not only the first time but every time.

Once things are comfortable for you and your cat, pack your bags, the cats items you will need to take with and off you go on your trip. Have a save and enjoyable one.