Ferret Colors

Ferret colors are many and varied with a multitude of markings to make some very unique combinations.

There are 7 basic colors and 5 patterns in which the colors blend. In addition there are several markings that make up for hundreds of combinations. In show pets, there are very specific points to these that judges look for, but I’m going to just briefly describe each so you can get an idea of what “flavors” ferrets come in.

When picking out a pet ferret, you’ll want to consider what ferret colors you prefer. The most common color that yoy think of when you picture a ferret is Sable this is typified by dark brown guard hairs, and the Black Sable is a dark blackish brown with white undercoat and blackish brown nose. An Albino is white or cream colored with ruby red eyes – a variation on that has burgandy eyes and is called a Dark Eyed White. Champagne describes a ferret that has tanish red tinted guard hairs not to be confused with Cinnamon which is light reddish brown guard hairs. One of the sleekest and more beautiful ferret colors is Chocolate which is sort of a milk chocolate color and another neat color for ferrets is Black which is black guard hairs and a white or golden undercoat.

Along with the basic ferret colors, ferrets have different patterns to the coloring of the fur. A Fine Point has differences in coloring between the body, legs and tail. The body is usually cream colored and legs and tail can be any color – this pattern also has a V mask with no bib and no color on the back. A Siamese or Point is similar to a fine point but it has color on the back and the difference in color between the legs, tail and back is more subtle. A Roan pattern has an evenly displaced pattern of white or cream guard hairs with any color undercoat.

In addition to ferret colors and patterns, there are certain markings that can be distinguished in ferrets. A Bib is a light colored marking that starts for the chin and goes down to the chest. A Blaze is a light colored stripe running from the forehead to the shoulders. Knee patches are light patches located at the knees and Mitts indicate 4 white feet. A Panda marking describes a non-white ferret that has a white head, throat and neck with or without eye rings.

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