How To Pick A Dog Dental Care Product

A good dog dental care product is essential to your pets health.

Although it may seem eccentric to brush your dogs teeth and provide him with the necessary (and expensive) veterinary dental care it is actually quite important.

Without proper dental care, bacteria can multiply and build up on your dogs teeth. This bacteria can make it’s way into your pets system and can wreak havoc on his internal organs making him more susceptible to disease and shortening his life span!

One thing to consider when looking for a doggy dental care product is the size of your dog. My little Pomeranian is quite tiny so a large brush won’t work for her. For small dogs a tiny brush will work best. I use a little brush that has a loop like a ring that I can put on the end of my index finger and the brush sticks out past my finger.

For any dog with a mouth big enough, a rubber finger cap with rubber “bristles” works quite well. This dog dental care product allows you to rub your finger against your pets teeth and gums so you can really get a feel for how well you are cleaning the teeth. Another product that might work if your dog (or you) is adverse to having your fingers in his mouth is a brush much like a regular tooth brush but a bit more angled at the end. You actually brush the teeth just like your own!

Of course the most important product for your dogs dental care is the tooth paste. You want a paste that has enzymes that will kill the bacteria so make sure to check the labels for that. Most pastes come in flavors that your dog might actually like – mine loves chicken and laps it up like a treat!

Using any dog dental care product requires some training and patience. Your dog won’t like to have his teeth brushed at first but with some gently coaxing and rewards he may come to accept and even like this part of his daily routine. If your dog hates it and keeps fighting it no matter what you do, it is still important to get the paste into his mouth and rub it around a bit. This will help to kill off the bacteria. If you can simply zip a finger full of tooth paste in and rub all around once that will be much better than doing nothing.

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