Dog Obedience School

Nobody likes and unruly dog that jumps on guests and won’t mind it’s owner. A dog that is not obedient is more apt to chew your personal items, soil in the house, jump on guests and just be a general nuisance.

Dog obedience school can help your dog to be well trained and make owning a dog even more enjoyable!

If your dog has a mind of it’s own, then you might want to consider some training with a professional who knows a variety of techniques that will make dog training easy and painless for both you and your pet. Most schools hold group classes and some even offer private lessons. While it is wise to start obedience training when your dog is a puppy, it is also possible to train older dogs as well.

The purpose of obedience training is to teach your dog to behave and thus, eliminate bad behavior that could be causing a problem for you and the dog such as, chewing personal items, jumping on guests, excessive barking and not coming when called. This type of training can also keep your dog safer since he will come back when called if he is heading off into a dangerous situation.

Dog obedience school usually consists of a 6 – 10 week course, but don’t think that training ends there. You should leave the course with the skills necessary to continue to practice the lessons learned with your dog. Obedience training can help you to understand your dogs behavior and can forge a special bond between you and your dog as well as help you to communicate better.

When searching for a dog obedience school in your area you’ll want to do a little research into what kinds of classes are offered and the credentials of the instructor. Pick a class with a schedule and forum that best fits your schedule and needs. Made sure you can observe a few classes before committing to joining. Check with your vet, local pet store and/or groomer for references.

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