Are Electric Dog Fences Safe?

Electric dog Fences keep your dog contained inside your yard or a specific area by warning him away from the edge of the area with an electronic stimulus. These types of containment systems have 2 parts that work together – a wire or other apparatus that senses when your dog is near the edge of the area and a collar, worn by your dog, which administers the warning sound and stimulus.

There are 2 kinds of electric dog fences, one that uses a wire buried in the ground and one that has a “station” centered in the desired area. The underground wire is actually fairly easy to install, just use a spade or edger to dig a trough along the perimeter of the area and lay the wire in. This system will sense when the dog (or collar) gets too close. The other type is also easy to install, a station sits in the middle of the desired area and transmits to the collar sensing when the collar gets too far away.

Modern electric dog fences are safe and do not hurt your dog, in fact after the first few times he should back off even before he received the electric stimulus (which feels like a shock you get when you touch something after static has build up). They way they work is that the emit a warning sound when the dog gets too close to the edge if he keeps advancing, then the stimulus is applied. Eventually, your dog will learn to stop when he hears the sound so as to not receive the shock.

Before using your fence, please read the materials provided to insure the safety of your pet.

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