Dog Beds

You wouldn’t want to sleep on the bare floor would you?

Well neither does your dog! Dogs like to have their own comfy place to sleep too. And while Fido might like to jump up in bed with you, it might benefit you both if he had his own bed.

Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so how do you pick the perfect bed? Of course, the bed should be the right size for your dog – big enough so he can stretch out and not hang over the sides but not too big that he feels lost in it. Good dog beds will also provide comfort, be easy to clean and resist dirt and moisture.

Pillow Beds

These beds come in many sizes shapes and colors and are like a giant pillow that your dog can sink in to. You can get them in faux suede or leather, nylon, denim, Berber and designer prints. If your pooch likes the outdoors, you can buy him a waterproof one! You can find any design or color to match your decor so why not buy multiple dog beds and have a soft spot for Fido in every room? Remember that the bed will need to be washed periodically so make sure to get one with a removable washable cover.

Nest Beds

Like the name, these beds create a nest around the dog. Made from stiff foam, they have sides that stick up to give your dog a secure feeling. Like the pillow bed, they come in all colors and sizes and usually have removable washable covers.

Orthopedic and Heated Dog Beds

If your dog is older or has joint problems (or maybe you just like to spoil him with creature comforts?), he may find comfort from an orthopedic dog bed. These beds are made from polyfoam which provides support for your dog. You can even buy a model that is sort of like a hammock and is designed to keep your dog off the cold floor, or one with a built in pillow! If your dog needs some extra heat, you can add a pet bed warmer that plugs in, or a heat pad that you warm in the microwave – it stays heated for 12 hours and requires no electricity thus eliminating potentially dangerous electrical cords. If it is the opposite you need, try the canine cooler thermoregulating dog bed which provides cold dry therapy for your dog.

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