Picking the Best Bird Supplies

Don’t let your pet think you are a feather brain, let us show you how to buy the best bird supplies!
Your bird deserves the best for his continued health and happiness. Here’s some important supplies you’ll need for him.

Bird Cage – Your pet’s bird cage is his home so you want to make sure you get a cage that suits the needs of your bird and is safe. Bird cages come in many sizes, shapes and prices and you can spend anywhere from $35 to $3000! In order to keep your bird happy and healthy, cage construction, placement, and size should take priority over price when selecting a bird cage.

Bird Stands – Your pet bird will want a bird stand to perch on when he is out of the cage. You can buy one that fits the top of his cage or stands alone. This will allow the bird to play and exercise outside his cage. There are many bird stands or gyms to choose from including large playgrounds with ladders and perches and bird play pens.

Bird Toys – Bird toys can keep your bird happy and help avoid behavioral problems. Birds are highly intelligent creatures that require stimulation and variety. Toys can provide mental stimulation as well as be a source of grooming for beak and nails. In addition, having a variety of bird toys to play with can relieve undesirable behavior like screeching, feather picking and nipping which could be caused from boredom and pent up energy. As always with pets, safety comes first so you want to make sure you get toys that are fun for your bird but that also are safe.