Goldfish Lifespan

A lengthy goldfish lifespan can be seen if you simply take proper care of your fish! But how long can you expect your little friend to live?

If you are keeping your goldfish in a pond, he will probably have a longer lifespan than in an aquarium and such goldfish have been know to live up to 25 years. Presumably, this is because a pond more closely mimics his natural environment, but without the predators and with the benefit of human intervention to make sure the water quality stays clean. In a pond, there is much more “real estate” or water per goldfish which helps to keep down on toxins in the water which keeps him better able to fight off disease and adds to his lifespan.

The lifespan of a goldfish in an aquarium is probably around 10 years if proper care is taken, although there is a report of one that lived for 43 years! If you plan to keep your goldfish in a bowl, then he probably won’t live very long at all. A regular fish tank with filtration is recommended if you want your goldfish to live longer than a couple of months. Most goldfish die from disease that is caused by poor water quality so taking good care of his home will help your fish to live longer.

Things You Can Do To Help Your Goldfish Live Longer

Provide Good Water Quality

The lifespan of your goldfish will be cut short if the water in your tank has too much “pollution” from fish waste and decaying food. To insure your pets longevity, you must provide proper filtration in the tank. In addition, you must perform periodic water changes, vacuum up the food and waste on the bottom and clean the filter cartridges. When doing water changes, don’t forget to use a water conditioner.

Don’t Crowd Him

Too many goldfish in a tank will result in poor water quality and shorter lived fish. You must resist the temptation to put lots of goldfish in the tank so you will have more friends to look at. You should provide about 7 gallons of water per goldfish so if you want a lot of fish buy a big tank!

Don’t Overfeed Him

Once again, this goes back to water quality. Feeding your goldfish too much will result in excess food and fish waste that will decay in the tank and cause poor water quality. How much is enough? You should feed 1 or 2 times a day, just a pinch and no more than it takes a couple of minutes for them to eat. In addition, it can help to feed your goldfish a varied diet with the appropriate types of foods.