Custom Aquariums

Custom aquariums can turn a dull wall into a soothing focal point. They can add interest to a restaurant or office and draw in a huge crowd in a storefront.

If you have enough money you can probably get an aquarium built to fit in any place you want. The most commonly seen custom aquariums are wall aquariums that fit flush in a wall or sometimes are the actual wall that separates 2 areas. Of course these are quite heavy and should only be done by professionals to insure the flooring can hold the weight and it is built in such a way that it will not collapse.

And don’t forget about maintenance logistics. Of course, if you have the money to have one built, you probably have the money to hire a professional to maintain it. It hardly seems worthwhile to spend a lot of dough on a beautiful wall aquarium only to have it get clouded over with algae or be dotted with dead fish!

But custom aquariums aren’t just for walls either. At Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut one of the stores has it’s hole front wall as an aquarium, including the arech over the doorway. As you enter the store, you can look up and see fish swimming above you! Of course they have tons of large wall tanks inside too – it’s quite beautiful and I can just sit outside and stare at the store for hours! Another neat spot for an aquarium is right in the floor – you walk over a glass piece and the fish are swimming right underneath your feet.

If you have the need and money for custom aquariums, you can find some of the best custom designer’s right here on the web.