About us: Catnip Friends Rescue


We are a small group of people working in our community, helping to place homeless pets into their forever homes. We believe animals should be treated humanely and with respect. We seek to positively impact the lives of animals with a firm commitment to TNR, (Trap-Neuter-Return), spay/neuter, no kill, no cage, no chains and no declaw. We have over 10 feral cat colonies in our care.


Please support our rescue efforts and help us end the suffering for these deserving animals. We know of several colonies that need help now and we cannot get to them without your donations. That leaves their fate to Animal Control.

We have multiple colonies in Hunterdon County that need food 365 days a year. It’s a lot of kitty food. Please help us feed and take care of them by donating wet and dry food (we try and keep the cats diet consistent and use Friskies canned food, Iams and Purina one. Foster kittens get premium foods like Merrick, Innova, Tiki and Eagle), litter (non clumping), towels, sheets, comforters, kitty beds, crates and cages, and toys. You can purchase the items there or bring it in from another source. We can also use help with the construction of shelters for those cold winter nights. Any dog igloos or houses in good condition can also be used. WE GREATLY appreciate any and all donated items.


We do not have a shelter but foster cats in our own homes, providing them with medical attention, vaccinations, testing, and spaying or neutering when old enough. We hold weekly adoptions and display our cats on Petfinder to find appropriate and loving homes for them. We are always looking for more volunteers if you would like to join us.

Some specific duties would be, helping us feed the colonies in the Flemington NJ area, fundraising, posting adoption notices in stores and veterinarian offices, doing press releases for the local papers, attending tables at events, helping with TNR and transport to vets, building shelters and feeding stations, etc.

If you would like to volunteer please e-mail

We are also looking for some good barn homes for some of our shy cats. They are all spayed and neutered and up to date on shots. If interested email Buff at [email protected] .